Sheldon Patnett: Passion towards Writing is Crucial

Writing is a skill that every educated individual wants to learn in order to improve their professional life. Writing may include writing an article, creating a resume or even writing an e-mail. If you are not passionate enough towards writing then very likely you are going to freeze while doing such activities. But on the other hand if you are so keen towards writing just like Sheldon Patnett a famous writer from the US then you are simply going to enjoy every activity that includes writing in it. That is the reason why he is a strong believer of a saying “do what you love and love what you do”.

According to Sheldon Patnett, there are plenty of important aspects to consider before planning any kind of writing. According to him, if an individual is not comfortable with the writing then he or she should try it on a notepad at the first place. Then read it out again and again to find out the missing part of it. Only a good reader can become a best writer, he says. Doing online research and having appropriate information is something that is mandatory before someone starts any kind of write-ups. User-friendly content is what every reader wants, so plan accordingly.


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