Amazing Photograph of Buddhist Temple, Lantu Island Hong Kong – Clicked by Sheldon Patnett

Hong Kong…

It’s a special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China that is blessed with countless natural beauties. And, that is where Sheldon Patnett resides. Now, you might be wondering that who actually is he, isn’t it?


Well, if that is the question in your mind, then let me just tell you that Sheldon Patnett is a man, who has his own creative vision for seeing everything. In Hong Kong, there’s a wonderful Buddhist Po Lin Monastery on Lantu Island. Sheldon Patnett has clicked its entrance gateway in such a fantastic way that after seeing his clicked photograph, you cannot restrict yourself from visiting that place.

Normally, a photograph is the clicker’s vision about something. And, if the viewers can understand that perspective, then there cannot be anything as amazing as that. If you want to see Sheldon’s work by yourself, just log on to his website.

You can find him easily on the World Wide Web. Just type “Sheldon Patnett” in the Google search box and there you go!


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